Wilfred the Hero Complete Soundtrack

I have completed the soundtrack to Wilfred the Hero. I have worked on this music for three years! You can listen to the tracks and download them for free via the embedded Soundcloud link below.

If you would prefer a direct download via .zip, you may download it via this link.

The music is written in a Impressionist and Minimalist style. I am very proud of it; this is the most ambitious musical project I have ever taken on by far.

The rest of the game is coming as soon as I can finish it. Until then, please enjoy the music! (Please be patient. The player may take a moment to load)

Cover Art:


1. Arrival
2. Cliffs
3. A Dark Place
4. Three Heroes
5. The Monster Metropolis
6. The Great Wall
7. Tunnel Through the Rock
8. The Witch’s Curse
9. Magic Trick
10. Starry Night
11. Gentle Breeze
12. Altar in the Snow
13. Icicles
14. Desperate Struggle
15. Spiegel
16. A Heavy Heart

Multitwitch Stream for Extra Life

To watch Tceles B Hsup’s stream for Extra Life, please visit: http://www.multitwitch.tv/brandonabley/totokitty/taeveril

For info on our group, please visit:


Extra Life is kind of like a 10k run for charity, except instead of running we sit on our butts and play video games from sunup to sunup. Unfortunately because of daylight savings time this will be 25 hours straight.

Extra Life is a global effort which raises millions of dollars each year; we are just a small part. This year Extra Life has a record number of groups so it is a year to make it count.

All proceeds from our parent group “Standard Nerds” go directly to Gillette Children’s hospital right here in Minnesota. So far our group has raised a little over $500 and we haven’t even started playing any video games yet.

Starting Saturday morning we are going to start a 25 hour long gaming marathon which we will be streaming live via Twitch.tv. I will be playing through the relatively obscure classic Panzer Dragoon Saga. Matthew and Mallory will be playing some stuff too and we will multitwitch it all into one stream so you can watch the nonsense unfold in front of your eyes in one consolidated video feed.

Wilfred the Hero Demo (now with downloadable installer)

Based on feedback from the demo (notably, that many people couldn’t run the game at all), I’ve uploaded a downloadable installer. It includes several quality settings for slower machines. It also runs much better than the webplayer build in general as I have made some optimizations.

WASD or Arrow Keys: Move
Z: Confirm
X: Cancel
C: Menu
Q/E: Next and Previous shortcut

Click here to download the demo! (Windows only)

A few notes:

  • This demo contains no story.
  • The Gameplay Demo drops you into a small map. You can keep track of your progress on the minimap; it is a pretty brief demo.
  • The Boss demo drops you into a small map with the game’s first boss.
  • Only gamepads with DirectInput are fully supported at this time. I am working on XInput support for the full version. You can set up gamepad and visual quality in the splash screen config.

Wilfred the Hero Demo

Although the first chapter for Wilfred the Hero is only a few months away, I thought I would put out a demo to get a little bit more feedback on the combat system and game feel. I am also interested in performance. Because the webplayer is hardware accelerated, it should run more or less about the same as it will as a standalone executable. I recommend running your browser in fullscreen

UPDATE: There is also standalone Windows version of this demo. If you have trouble running the webplayer, try downloading and installing the downloadable version Here.


WASD or Arrow Keys: Move
Z: Confirm
X: Cancel
C: Menu
Q/E: Next and Previous shortcut

Click here to play the demo.

A few notes:

  • This demo contains no story.
  • The Gameplay Demo drops you into a small map. You can keep track of your progress on the minimap; it is a pretty brief demo.
  • The Boss demo drops you into a small map with the game’s first boss.

This demo is still a little rough, but I think it’s good enough to share to get more input. I am very excited to share it after all of these years! Please let me know what you think!

And, of course, some screenshots. I have been posting these on Twitter for the past few weeks:

New Video

Since it has been almost a full year (!) since I posted video for Wilfred the Hero, I thought I would post a new one to show the progress we’ve made! Specifically, since you will spend so much time fighting, I thought I would pick an extended boss battle to showcase the flow of combat.

This is one of the early boss battles in the game. Wilfred and Alanadale have to fight Streganona, the black witch, and Stregoneria, the black monster, while stuck in a horrible nightmare world.

In my playthrough I have loaded Alanadale heavily with magic and Wilfred with physical attacks. They are a good antitheses to Stregoneria’s deadly attacks and Streganona’s evil magic. There’s no reason you can’t outfit your heroes however you would like to though!

There are still some glitches and rough edges left in this video (for example, the horrible sound effects), but we are pretty proud of it so far. I am shooting for release by Summer 2013. A lot later than I originally planned, but the game has expanded significantly in scope also.

I will put up some other videos featuring other areas over the rest of the year, mostly just to show off some of the music.

Enjoy! Thanks!

Probably one more year. Also, Screenshot Saturday.

It will probably be one more year before Wilfred the Hero is completely finished. We’re getting really close to having most of the art done, but there’s still a lot of stuff left to go. It is sort of fun playing the game as it is right now, because it everything is a complete mess and the cutscenes are just awful.

I have been thinking about posting a soundtrack preview sometime. The OST is about 1/2 done (3/4 of tracks are done, but they are all rough cuts). Is anyone interested or should I wait until it’s all done?

I posted this on Screenshot Saturday. This was just a test map to get some new prefabs and textures right, and the lighting for this area. The big golem guy is my favorite enemy in the game, so I use him for a lot of screenshots.

Wilfred the Hero also now features unicorns.


Here are some new screenshots!

I can’t say too much about which part of the game this takes place in without spoiling some of the story.

Enjoy! The game is really coming starting to come together!

More Screenshots

All good jRPGs have a colosseum, and Wilfred the Hero is no exception! When the heroes first reach the area, the sun is waning; it is almost nightfall. While left wondering which unspeakable horrors come out after the sun sets, the heroes step into the Colosseum–and find themselves in the fight of their lives.

The full version will feature a different enemy, but showing him would be a spoiler. I promise it will be an intense, grueling fight though! :)

Once completing this story sequence, the heroes may return to the Colosseum at any time to fight increasingly difficult waves of monsters. Is there any end to the battles? You’ll have to find out.

Many people who played the original Wilfred the Hero in 2005 were very fond of Mr. Onion. He is still a character in in the Wilfred the Hero remake, just as he was in the original version. He has never looked better.

Wilfred the Hero is very close to being half complete. The Colosseum battle marks the midway point of the game. This is a major milestone! It means that much more than half of the work has been done, because progress so far includes many long hours of learning how to do basic things that a competent and experienced game developer would have already known how to do. To illustrate, I emailed Teo asking him if he was interested in doing Wilfred the Hero again about two hours after opening Unity3D for the first time!

We plan on having a feature-complete alpha out by the end of the year. After that–we’ll release it (most likely for free), once it is playable and polished, whenever that is. Since this is a labor of love I won’t make any commitments (although the original game design doc hubristicly listed December 2011 as a release date). I can’t wait!