I am Brandon Abley, a video game developer
and composer.

I have an unrelated day job
and I blog occasionally.

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I compose soundtracks for video games and film. My styles include classical, electronic, and American folk music.

I am available for commissions. 

Find me on Soundcloud

My entire portfolio is available for streaming and free download on Soundcloud, including complete soundtracks, solo piano improvisation, folk music and more.

Find me on Spotify

Select releases are available for streaming via Spotify.



I am a video game developer.

I use the Unity game engine, primarily in 3D.



I am creating something new. It is an RPG.

I hope to share it with you someday.

Ex Amante

I created Ex Amante, a game about letting go.

You can download and play it for free at


I was the project lead and a contributing developer and artist to the OhioFirst.Net Next Generation Command games.

This project was commissioned by the State of Ohio. Download and play it for free at



I like to travel.

When I do, I take photos and write about what I have learned.


I spent July 2018 in Mongolia.

It was, up until that point, my happiest time on Earth.


In November 2017, I went to Almaty, Kazakhstan by myself.

I took some photos and wrote about Almaty and Kazakhstan's history.



I live in Washington D.C.

My favorite things are fresh oysters and karaoke.