Wilfred the Hero (2005)

Wilfred the Hero is an amateur Japanese-style role playing game by myself and Teo Mathlein. It was first published in about 2005 and has never been finished. The current version covers all gameplay leading up to the end of Part 1.  It is in the style of games such as Shin Megami Tensei and Final Fantasy.

This version of the game was abandoned years ago. Teo and I are currently developing this game in 3D. However, feel free to enjoy what we had done at the time!

Download Wilfred the Hero Part 1

Grab the soundtrack at Last.fm:

Free MP3s on Last.fm


Wilfred the Hero features 100% original assets, including an original soundtrack.  It was extremely well received in the amateur game-making community as well as the larger indie game community in general among those that played it.


Brandon Abley: Design, Programming, Soundtrack, Concept, Story, Some Graphics
Teo Mathlein: Art, Graphics


8 thoughts on “Wilfred the Hero (2005)

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  2. I’ve passed 1st part so quickly( Is it possible to continue adventure after battle with stregganirra? Then tell me, how, please^^ If you didn’t create the end of first part, then there’s at least one human (me), who wants to reach the Demon Dragon :)

  3. Hey Leobolt,

    There is no Part 2 for the original 2D version or full manual. Sorry; you may see however that, prominently displayed on the front page of this site, is a brand new 3D version of the game! It already much further along than the battle at the end of Part 1 and I hope to have an alpha finished this year sometime. It will also probably be a completely free download.

    Thanks for your interest!


  4. Annnnd… here you go:


    Loved what there was of part 1, especially the level of challenge and fact that it wasn’t a loot-drop experience nor a RPG Nap Maker (TM) game where you could fall into a coma mid-battle, come out of it a week later, go make a snack and come back to finish tapping the space bar. I already have too many games like that on my hard drive and shelves here, so thanks.

    Anyway, looking forward to the new game!


    • Hey GW! I’m so flattered that after all of these years, you’re still motivated to write about Wilfred the Hero. :)

      The new version plays more or less the same. The battles are in real-time, so it is more like Final Fantasy XIII or something, but otherwise you should be right at home.

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